What to Expect on Your First Visit to a Dispensary.

More people than ever before are considering dipping a toe in the recreational cannabis waters but have no idea what to expect or how to buy cannabis at a recreational marijuana dispensary for the first time. At Highwire Farms, we believe that the quality of that first-time experience is just as important as the quality of the products you purchase.

Common First-Time Questions

Purchasing recreational cannabis from a provisioning center (aka a dispensary) is usually an easy process. Still, new users often have a lot of the same questions. Here are some quick answers to typical first-time user questions:

  • Can I go to a dispensary without a card?
    • As long as the dispensary you plan on going to has a recreational menu, then yes, you should be able to purchase cannabis without a medical card – as long as you are of age.
  • How much can you buy from a dispensary at a time?
    • This depends on a few things, like the dispensary’s available inventory and any maximum purchase amounts they may have according to regulations in their area. If you want to know for sure, it’s best to give them a call or ask an employee when you get there.
  • Do dispensaries track how much you buy?
    • If you join a member’s club at a dispensary (like our Canna Co-Op) they might keep track of which products you buy and how much in order to offer you promotions or discounts in the future. Again, you can find out for sure by asking a dispensary employee when you visit.
  • How much should you tip at a dispensary?
    • This definitely depends on whether or not the dispensary you visit accepts tips – some do and some don’t. If your dispensary accepts tips and you’d like to give one, go with whatever amount feels comfortable. Tips are usually appreciated but never mandatory.

If you feel more comfortable having some questions answered before visiting a provisioning center, we suggest giving them a call beforehand or checking out their website. The rules may differ depending on where you go since not every cannabis center is the same, but here’s what you can expect when you walk through our doors.

Comfort and Peace of Mind

Recreational cannabis hasn’t been legal all that long and for some it can be nerve-racking to buy from a provisioning center for the first time because a lot of people are used to thinking of buying cannabis as illegal or sketchy. We totally get that and want to put your mind at ease.

Maybe you’ve never tried it before – or just haven’t tried it in a while – and don’t know where to start. We get that too. The world of cannabis may be new to you, but you don’t have to be an expert to enjoy being a part of it. That’s one of the best things about Highwire. Our expert budtenders will walk you through and explain all we have to offer and more importantly, find what’s right for you.

A lot of our experienced customers come in knowing exactly what they’re looking for, which is great. They order online, pick up in-store – their shopping is quick and easy. Other folks come in only knowing a little or sometimes nothing at all about cannabis, which is also great! We love it when people have questions and want to know more about cannabis because we love talking about it. 

Welcome to Highwire

You’ll be welcomed right away by our staff, who are always glad to see you. It might be Liz, or one of our other experts. Whoever it is, they’ll give you the lay of the land and show you where everything’s at – flowers at the bud bar, our vape section, and our selection of edibles. If you’d feel more comfortable having some beginner knowledge about different types of cannabis and their qualities before you come in, there are some great guides available online. Either way, we’re always happy to answer any questions you have, help you make selections that are right for you based on what you like and what you’re interested in trying, or just let you take your time looking around. We like to keep things casual here so you’re not going to feel pressured or rushed to decide. Then, once you’re ready, we’ll get you checked out, on your way, and look forward to seeing you next time.   

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