In 2015 two friends, Tony and Eric started a company called Urban Farms in a back storage room of Eric’s warehouse – they built racks, bought grow lights, ran water lines and purchased their first batch of seeds – all without really knowing much about indoor farming. But, they were eager to learn and determined to provide fresh heads of lettuce, basil, herbs and micro-greens to their community.

They loved the idea of local fresh produce being available all year long and hustled their fresh greens to local restaurants and nearby Farmer’s Markets.

The guys didn’t make a lot of money and they killed tons of plants testing multiple cutting-edge growing techniques. But, over time they learned from their mistakes and gained an appreciation for indoor cultivation and fresh farm-to-table produce.

At first, growing marijuana wasn’t on the radar, but then they were introduced to the health benefits of medical marijuana, and the idea of cultivating medicine that helped people seemed like a natural fit. So they bought an old farm in Michigan, became legal caregivers, dug a well, installed 15 tons of air conditioning, hung grow lights in the old barn and started utilizing their new growing skills.

At the heart of the cannabis industry are the businesses that actually grow, process and distribute cannabis. Highwire Farms wants to be a vertical integrated small-craft cannabis company that controls the process from seed-to-sale by operating in all three of theses areas.

Highwire strives not only to grow the highest quality cannabis, but they also pay special attention to sustainable farming practices and have designed a cultivation facility to produce high quality, clean cannabis while reducing the impact on the environment.

The Highwire cannabis brands are as diverse as their customers and patients, and the team is dedicated to the mission of providing their customers and patients with only the best medicine. They are continually looking for innovative ways to increase production, raise the bar for quality cannabis in Michigan and keep up with the demand for Highwire products.


1. The Seeds

When selecting a new strain, we start by planting several seeds of a specific cultivar.  After a couple of weeks, we have the plants tested to reveal their sex. Male plants are removed while female plants are allowed to continue the journey.  The strongest and biggest plants originating from these seeds are called ‘Mothers’ and we use those to start more clones which are a genetic copy of the ‘Mother’.  Eventually, these plants are cloned again to ensure a consistent product moving forward with our desired phenotype and characteristics.

2. Vegetation

Plants vegetate for 8 to 12 weeks, as they germinate and grow through a labor intensive process of watering, training and hand manicuring without much automation. Our cultivation team is responsible for closely monitoring each plant’s progress, ensuring each plant meets our high standards during this critical phase.  From clone to adolescent, our plants will usually quadruple in size in this nursery.

3. Flower

Plants flower for 9 to 10 weeks in atmospheric controlled environments until each plant displays it’s peak ripeness.  During this time, our cultivation team meticulously cares for the plants, allowing them to become a budding canopy of beautiful colas.  This is the first stage where you will start to see the beginnings of what will eventually become Highwire Farm’s cannabis.

4. Harvesting and Drying

We determined the optimum time to harvest by evaluating the trichomes on each bud, or the crystal content that holds the active cannabinoids (THC & CBD). When about 20-25% of the trichomes appear to turn an amber color, the plants are ready for harvest. All plants will be harvested through the end of their budding cycle – sometimes in phases to make sure each flower is ready when we take down the plant.  

The flowers then enter our dedicated drying room where the plants are allowed to hang and dry in a controlled environment for approximately 7-10 days.  Drying the plants – along with curing the flowers once dried – is one of the most important steps to get top-shelf buds.

5. Trimming and Curing

After the harvested cannabis has dried to our standards, our expert team trims the entire harvest, ensuring each and every gram is good enough to be called Highwire Farms.  Then those beautiful buds go to the cure room to cure for an additional 7-10 days, then off to the packaging room. The best buds and ‘top colas’ are saved for flower with the remaining portions of the harvest being packaged and sold to specially selected extraction and processing companies to be made into cannabis concentrates that will eventually hit the shelves of your favorite dispensary as oil, waxes, shatter and edibles.

6. Packaging

Now comes the fun part, the packaging crew carefully weighs the end product and places into our unique packaging before vacuum sealing and sending it off to your favorite dispensary.  Many provisioning centers offer Highwire Farms products in either large format jars or prepackaged in our unique containers.

You can rest assured you are about to enjoy the best cannabis that Michigan has to offer!

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