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Highwire Farms teams with the best cultivation and processing companies in Michigan to ensure we always have the highest quality products available for our customers. Rigorous testing is done on every cannabis product we sell in our stores.

Highwire’s Mission

Highwire is an independently owned Cannabis Company. Our mission is to provide safe, effective, and affordable cannabis products for all our customers and patients. We not only want to generate value, but we are dedicated to community support and providing cannabis education.

Customer Service

At Highwire, we help people decipher and demystify cannabis. We are dedicated to providing each customer with a unique and uplifting experience in a friendly environment. Our bud-tenders are highly trained and will help to ensure you have the best experience possible.



Cannabis is one of the oldest and most incredible plants in the world and affects everyone differently. That’s why we are passionate about cannabis. For some of our customers, cannabis is an important medicine; for others, it just helps to elevate their mood or relieve a little stress in their life.

Highwire Farms is a lifestyle cannabis company dedicated to providing our customers with excellent customer service in a friendly environment. We like the farm to table concept and we’re dedicated to helping people enjoy more of what they love in life and our products designed to deliver a life of good times, anytime, anywhere.

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"Herb is a thing that gives you a little time to yourself so you can live"

- Bob Marley