Sustainable Farming Methods

Bob Marley believed that a healthy, sustainable relationship with nature not only benefits us as individuals, but also is essential for global well-being and happiness.

We are dedicated to helping people enjoy more of what they love in life. That's why we are passionate about cannabis. We grow and purchase products that are grown, packaged and distributed with environmental responsibility in mind.  We believe the way cannabis is grown is more important than the yield you get from it.

Quality Cannabis is our mission, but we understand our diverse base of consumers all have different wants and needs - so we try to always offer a "good, better and best" in selection in all our cannabis products. We think cannabis should be about the experience, not just the effect.

Cannabis to Enjoy What You Love in Life

Cannabis is one of the oldest and most incredible plants in the world and affects everyone differently. We are dedicated to helping people enjoy more of what they love in life. That’s why we are passionate about cannabis. Different strains and methods of consumption give users different effects. For some of our customers, cannabis is an important medicine; for others, it just helps to elevate their mood or relieve a little stress.

Effects can vary — some people don’t feel anything at all the first time they try cannabis. For the most part, the experience tends to be kind of relaxing and a little euphoric. Some people can become more outgoing and social; however, others find cannabis makes them tired, anxious or even paranoid.

It’s very important to consume medical or recreational cannabis cautiously and with respect for its efficacy – start slow with a lower dose and see how it affects you.

Legal and Illegal Cannabis States

Living in the United States and enjoying Cannabis at the same time can be a challenge. Whether you travel or want to find a recreational dispensary near you, it’s important to know the states that are legal and those that aren’t. On Election Day in 2012, voters in Colorado approved a ballot initiative legalizing the
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Top 5 Things Everyone Over 35 Should Know about Cannabis

Cannabis has changed since college. Gone are the days of stuffing a towel under your dorm door before packing a hollowed-out apple with some green stuff you bought from a friend of a friend. As more states legalize recreational cannabis — 15 states plus Washington, D.C., — taboos around the substance are decreasing, and more
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How to Eat Healthy When the Munchies Hit

Ahhh, the munchies. If you’ve experimented with cannabis, then you may have experienced the overwhelming desire to eat … a lot. You may not even feel hungry, but the effect of certain strains can send you running to the pantry or to the phone to order pizza. Why do you eat when you’re high, and
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