What to Expect on Your First Visit to a Dispensary

More people than ever before are considering dipping a toe in the recreational cannabis waters but have no idea what to expect or how to buy cannabis at a recreational marijuana dispensary for the first time. At Highwire Farms, we believe that the quality of that first-time experience is just as important as the quality […]

Top 5 Things Everyone Over 35 Should Know about Cannabis

Cannabis has changed since college. Gone are the days of stuffing a towel under your dorm door before packing a hollowed-out apple with some green stuff you bought from a friend of a friend. As more states legalize recreational cannabis — 15 states plus Washington, D.C., — taboos around the substance are decreasing, and more […]

Purple Beautiful Buds

Purple cannabis strains can yield some of the most exotic and beautiful flowers. Today we harvested some of our Original Grand Daddy Purp and our purple marijuana buds are always a hit with patients and friends. Ask any cannabis enthusiast, and she or he will likely tell you that purple strains are highly desirable. The […]

Determining the Quality

Cannabis is an incredible plant with the power to help make anyone’s day a little brighter. For some of our friends, cannabis is an important medicine; for others, it’s a pleasant daily ritual that elevates their mood, sparks creativity, and helps wash away stress. Whatever your reason for using cannabis, we’re committed to helping you […]