Purple cannabis strains can yield some of the most exotic and beautiful flowers. Today we harvested some of our Original Grand Daddy Purp and our purple marijuana buds are always a hit with patients and friends.

Ask any cannabis enthusiast, and she or he will likely tell you that purple strains are highly desirable. The vibrant color seems to go along with the effects of cannabis in general, but what makes a cannabis flower turn purple has to do with chemical compounds called “flavonoids,” which have nothing to do with flavor at all. It can also happen when the plant is starved for nutrients like nitrogen. The pH levels, or the acidity of the soil, can also affect the color of the cannabis.

Flavonoids, those colorful pigment molecules, turn red, purple or blue according to their pH. More acidic pH levels will make them appear redder. In neutral pH conditions, they’ll turn purple, and in alkaline bluer.