Legal and Illegal Cannabis States

Living in the United States and enjoying Cannabis at the same time can be a challenge. Whether you travel or want to find a recreational dispensary near you, it’s important to know the states that are legal and those that aren’t. On Election Day in 2012, voters in Colorado approved a ballot initiative legalizing the […]

Top 5 Things Everyone Over 35 Should Know about Cannabis

Cannabis has changed since college. Gone are the days of stuffing a towel under your dorm door before packing a hollowed-out apple with some green stuff you bought from a friend of a friend. As more states legalize recreational cannabis — 15 states plus Washington, D.C., — taboos around the substance are decreasing, and more […]

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card in Michigan

Marijuana has been legal in Michigan since December 2018, and more and more Michiganders are beginning to understand how cannabis can contribute to a greater quality of life – from natural anxiety and pain management relief, to feeling focused or inspired for the day. The state of Michigan has created a framework for the legal […]